How It Works

What we do

TechXchange's Platform is the next generation of spend and supplier management: the complete enterprise services procurement and delivery solution, trusted by the biggest brands in business. Providing unprecedented choice, value and control.


What you do

TechXchange’s Marketplace is the trusted platform to manage your supplier network and deliver any services project that runs through your business.

For each project, start by submitting your requirements, timeline and budget range using TechXchange’s requirements upload page. Your project is listed on the Marketplace and relevant Service Providers pitch for your business.

TechXchange generates a shortlist of the best pitches. Your customer success manager will support you and your project throughout.

Once you select your Service Provider, TechXchange’s platform identifies the optimal price with a digital Statement of Work (SOW). Your services are delivered using TechXchange’s online project management and collaboration system and all billing and payments are securely handled.




Step One. What's the purpose of this project? What do you need? Our online Requirements upload page will help focus your objectives.
Alternatively let us call you. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to understand your needs. Even if you haven't outsourced previously, our process helps elicit your requirements comprehensively.



Sit back. Your brief is now live on TechXchange. We search our global network of service providers to arrive at a shortlist, invite bids from the shortlisted providers and compare proposals to finalize a service provider for you. Within days, our platform will be delivering you a shortlist of killer pitches with cost proposals. Have a look at our Service Provide Evaluation Process.



Let's go! You've picked your Service Provider. Now your project kicks off. Our project management app will keep you on course.
Learn more about TechXchange charging model



Success! A finished project. On time and on budget. A positive experience all round. Stress-free, and with great results.



Identify a list of projects from across your organisation to source through TechXchange’s Marketplace. Simply sign up to draft your project briefs.


Once your briefs are finalized, they are posted in TechXchange’s Marketplace where thousands of service providers can start pitching for your work.


TechXchange's technology,manages the pitch process and automatically generates a shortlist of the best providers for your work in approximately 7 working days


Once you select the best provider from the shortlist, you and your new service provider agree a digital “Statement of Work” for your project


You and your service provider manage your project online via TechXchange's "Project Space"


TechXchange's 'Billing App' manages the billing process and all payments to your Service Provider


TechXchange evaluates your project’s success and rates your Service Provider


You and your teams continue to add briefs to TechXchange’s Marketplace to source and manage projects across your business